Nick Salamone Real Estate - This man is a liar and a thief

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i went to buy a house off this man hes a good person a liar.hes already been disciplned for real estae apprasal fraud.i had him to sell some prpoertys for us ,we had to pay for ads . he never show them or sold them.then when somebody sold them he did not.we went to settlement he was supposed to take us to dinner we had to pay avery bad buisnessman liar. hes in politics too you can see why.this mans license should be taken away from him.hes a crook belongs in jail.

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I note to be carefull on using such wording you at liable and the crook can win it happens everyday. Read what you agree to never pay anyone for selling but the agreed percent3 to 7 % and if they don't sell it by the contract time limit it is touch for them they lose not you...cheer up could be worse.

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